Ernst Tanner

CEO & Owner

Erika Tanner

COO & Member of the board

Stefan Christinger

Head of Marketing Division Lifestyle

Roger Bühlmann

Head of Sales Division Lifestyle

Ernst Mäder

Head of Marketing & Sales Division Haute Parfümerie

Stephanie Meyer

Senior Brand Manager Lifestyle

Silvia Wartmann

Brand Manager Color Cosmetics

Véronique Koch

Brand Manager Color Cosmetics

Farnaz Sabbah Leclerc

Brand & Communication Manager

Alisa Epting

Marketing & Sales Assistentin

Mäggi Brugger

Sales Force (German CH East)

Petra Arnold

Sales Force (German CH Central)

Rolf Bätscher

Sales Force (French CH)

Elena Ghirlanda-Bini

Sales Force (Tessin)

Gisele Müller

Freelance Training/ Sales (French CH)

Urs Muntwyler

Freelance Instituts

Manuela Koch

Accounting (Order Processing Finance)

Alfred Markaj

Warehouse Manager

Sonja Rodgriguez


Daniel Würgler